Having lessons with Mumtaz has really made driving fun. He is enthusiastic about my driving which motivates me. He has put so much confidence in my driving, which helps me to have faith in myself. I would definitely recommend Mumtaz for driving tuition as I know he would be able to help anyone wishing to drive. He is a great, outgoing instructor with a bubbly personality, who always makes me feel relaxed." 

- Michelle Price


"Before I started driving with Mumtaz I had two failed tests with a previous instructor. I found Mumtaz so easy to learn to drive with. Learnt a lot things my old instructor did not teach me. I would recommend him to anyone that's wants to drive. When I did go for my test I passed with only 1 minor !"

- Kirsty Scriviner


"Mumtaz is a brilliant instructor, he is friendly, easy going and very patient. He wasted no time in teaching me the essentials of passing your test. His teaching was very clear and concise making sure i fully understood each topic. When I went for my practical test I passed first time with Zero Minor Faults. Do I have to say anymore?"

- Rajan Viyas

  "I needed my licence quickly for getting to and from work in a place where public transport just does not exist! I had no previous driving experience but I had to pass the test first time round or I was rightly stuck! So I went to Mumtaz and thanks to his great instruction, what I thought was impossible was achieved and I passed on my first attempt. Many thanks!"

- Rachel Butler


"Just want to say a massive thanks to Mumtaz for helping me getting through my test. A great teacher, made learning ever so easy and enjoyable. Always bringing out the best in me, feel really confident out on the roads in my car all thanks to Mumtaz. Cheers mate!" 

- Miles Alexander

  "On the day of the test I really got worried, once again with his reassuring voice he gave me confidence. Mumtaz is like a ray of sunshine, he never sees bad in any situation. I passed my test first time all thanks to Mumtaz, if I didn’t have him as an instructor i don't think I would of passed, with his encouraging words and knowledge of the road. Today when I am driving I still hear Mumtaz’s voice in my head, well at least I know I will be driving safe for life!" 

- Linda Ohiwerah

  "Friendly instructor, never makes you feel pressured with driving. Felt like he was more a friend than a instructor. He got me through my test first time. Learning to drive with Mumtaz has giving me so much confidence, that i am driving all over England. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn, always calm with pupils even in the most pressured situations." 

- Ben Tebbit

  "I would recommend Mumtaz to anybody looking to pas their test. He is an excellent instructor and very easy to get on with. I am a nervous driver but with Mumtaz I felt confident and calm. I passed my test first time and was relaxed throughout thanks to the advice I had been given. Thank you Mumtaz."

- Claire Hough

"I found Mumtaz to be a very patient, calm and supportive driving instructor. Always friendly and easy going. If he can teach me to drive he can teach anyone! Being a very nervous driver he soon put me at ease, helping me to gain that confidence to pass my test." 

- Tracey Dumpleton


"I am very fortunate to have Mumtaz as my driving instructor. From the first day of my lesson 'til my examination day, his support and assurance help me overcome my worries! Passed First Time-Zero Faults, he didn't only help me pass, but help me build my confidence in driving as well!"

- Edsel Reforsado


"A very warm individual who brings out so much in you, strives in building your confidence as a driver. Mumtaz got me through my test with up most ease. Need an instructor look no further!" 

- Shireen Pela

  "What can I say? Down to earth, Great motivator, always builds your confidence up. Never puts any pressure on you. Easy to follow teaching method. Always makes every lesson enjoyable. Passed test first time. You wont be disappointed!" 

- Tony Stroud


"Mumtaz is a very sincere and honest instructor. Right from day one he got me driving, not wasting time any time showing me text books the whole lesson through like some instructors I know. I was thankful to have him as my instructor, I passed my test with flying colours. Thank you Mumtaz!" 

- Svetlana Bukrejeva

  "Mumtaz is very easy to get along with. He always made me feel at ease behind the wheel. He made me feel calm and confident even when my nerves got the better of me and my driving was awful! He always kept his cool in every situation, which I know some of my friends’ instructors didn’t do! Mumtaz made driving fun, he’s a down to earth geezer and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!" 

- Louis Clarke

"Mumtaz is a great teacher! Learning to drive is no joke especially if you are used to driving on the other side of the road, he helped me understand the difference between the two worlds of driving. I felt more confident and relaxed in my driving now and this was possible because of the accurate instructions and explanations I had received in our sessions. With this I passed my practical test first time with ease and confidence. I was lucky to find an instructor like Mumtaz! Thank you very much!" 

- Donna Sunga

"Learning to drive with Mumtaz was a great experience. He was patient and calm throughout all my lessons, even when things got tough he made feel relaxed. A very friendly and down to earth instructor. He thoroughly prepared me for my test, which I passed first time."

- Bernard Gyimah

"For anyone wanting to learn how to drive I would highly recommend Mumtaz. He always gave good advice and is patient, friendly and relaxed. I managed to gain confidence quickly and felt I could approach Mumtaz with any sort of query about driving whether it was a practical or theory question. With the help of Mumtaz , I passed my test first time. " 

- Paul Harris

  "Taz has been the best instructor and I am so glad to have had him. I didn’t think that driving could turn out to be so easy but with Mumtaz he made the whole experience so easy. He is patient and always encouraging and reassuring. I kind of miss you already especially the laughs but thanks Taz you are the best." 

- Pamela Phiri

  "As soon I got in the car Mumtaz got rid my nerves and the rest was history, made me feel really relaxed and believe in myself which really helped me progress in my ability to learn as a driver and as for the test, no problem got it first attempt." 

- Christopher Lecky

  "From the beginning to the end my learning process, Mumtaz always made me feel confident when I was driving. I really enjoyed learning from Mumtaz, there was never a dull moment. He always stays calm, never puts you down in anyway. I would recommend him 100% to anyone wanting to learn how to drive." 

- Mohammed Qasim

"Mumtaz is a great instructor. He is cool, easy going, teaching you to drive with fun. I had taken several lessons from another instructor but he turned to be more stressful than me. So a friend recommended me to Mumtaz. His teaching was really good and I passed first time. Just a shame I had to waste all that money on lessons with my previous instructor." 

- Abdullah Kaiser

"I had several lessons with a instructor but I felt I was getting nowhere with him. So I got put onto Mumtaz. He was friendly and patient with a good teaching method. He put me in for my test pretty soon after that and passed first time. Just wish I had found him earlier." 

- Christopher Welsh

"Mumtaz is a friendly person, always ensured I was comfortable in the driving seat. He made learning to drive enjoyable and fun which helped reduce my nerves. I passed my test first time, all thanks to Mumtaz." 

- Jesson Patel

"While driving with Mumtaz I found him to be reassuring, patient and very easy to talk to, which made me relaxed and at ease, helping me to pass my test. I found him to be a very good instructor."

- Charlotte McGuire